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JizzleJDaAmplifia's News

I'll be making post of each monologue i've written so far and will be putting out. Keep posted.

I'm gonna do a collaboration for a song called "Think Again" off the track "Jizzle's Track Bramble Brush Remix". You can find the track on my submissions. PM me for more information if you're in.

I've finally finished the remake. Let me know what you think of it. Remember to compare it with the original. The youtube link to it is found in the Commentary of the song page. The song, well, loop, is called Jizzle's Remix "MERCS" Lv. 2. Enjoy

If you don't know what I'm talking about, do a youtube search for this. Capcom's classic arcade "MERCS" had great BGM music to go along with its missions. I'm going to do a whole remake of Mission 2 and 5's stages. Wish me luck.

Keep posted on my page for information about some voice acting I will be doing for this site. The sole purpose is to add some character and some help for those making flash videos/games and/or animated videos. Also I will be dropping tracks with lyrics. For those who want's in on the tracks dropping, as in collaboration on making an instrumental or a song, hit my inbox.

New Track

2011-04-25 12:02:48 by JizzleJDaAmplifia

Damn upload limit. I forgot about that. Usually I have a new track uploaded in the morning, but my ignorance stopped me from doing it. I will upload it midnight tonight, so if any are still awake by then. Feel free to listen to some good music and feel good to it.

Showin Love

2011-04-22 17:45:24 by JizzleJDaAmplifia

Thanks to those who gave me some votes on my uploads and especially those who downloaded my tracks. I know I got some low votes, but hey I cant get mad at that. Time for me to go a little harder.

Noob I be

2011-04-21 14:44:56 by JizzleJDaAmplifia

What's happening. My name is Washington a.k.a. C.J., but my pen name as you guessed it is Jizzle a.k.a Da Amplifia b.k.a. Mr. Coardes c.k.a. Mr. Death On Impact. Just wanna say hey to everybody and a very nice to meet ya'll. Check my music out, as I will be doing this to everyone else as well.