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Back again. 2015

2015-05-04 16:36:10 by JizzleJDaAmplifia

I'm back again with a hustle mentallity on fleek. I've been busy putting more things together like my new website "Grandiosity Music Inc.". This site will have my personal music for sale with opportunities for other artist to publish their works on the site. This site also will feature works that I've done from other sites such as YouTube and Newgrounds. Feel free to visit at http://www.grandiositymusicinc.com to see what I was up to.

Hey this ya boy Jizzle Da Amplifia. That's "Jizzle Da Amplifia", as in i dropped the second "J" from my pen name. Also I'm going to be reffering myself sometimes to "Jizzle Noir" and "Rogue Tha Technician". Anyway. Just letting ya'll know that I've been gone for a while. Why? Because I've been getting my hands on new equipment, Audio and Visually. Plus I've been updating my webpages. Relating to webpages, I've been thinking how will I be handling my audio submissions on here. Basically, I will be uploading free beats featured on my soundclick profile (http://www.soundclick.com/jizzledaamp lifia). I will have exclusive tracks for sale on my soundclick page so if you wanna hear more beats that I have in my arsenal you'd have to check my page out. P.S., for exclusive tracks to use for yourself, it'll be $30 for an exclusive lease. That means the beat will be yours and yours alone, also meaning that I surrender all copyrights to the buyer. The price will go up for future beats so that I can sell leasing lisences for $15 for everybody to use but with limits. Anyway that's just about it. Just check me out on my new pages and subscribe and/or follow me.

Soundclick: http://www.soundclick.com/jizzledaampl ifia
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/jizzledaamplif ia
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/roguetechnician
Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/rspmuzik

I'm still tryna make youtube videos and make music at the same time. But I'm back with a vengance. Check my account frequently as I've gotten even better as when I wasn't around for the past month or so. Oh and I'm still gonna make Teezy Da Teacher voice sketches so yeah I was pretty fuckin' busy. Stay tuned.

Teezy Da Teacher is on hold because of my new youtube page. Jizzle J Da Amplifia's Youtube: This youtube page is for gamers to enjoy funny gameplay/commentary from the classics to the new age. Also, for gamers to exploit their fantastic and epic gameplay for other gamers to see. Check it out. It just started but it will get better in the long run.

"Teezy Da Teacher" Episode 2 is now available on my profile. Also, Episode 1 has risin from #27 to #18 on soundclick. I am so happy about this. This is a very big inspiration for me. Check out my new episode and enjoy. Also, I will be looking for future guest actors for my episodes so keep a lookout.

My 1st episode for my voice acting series is #27 as of right now on Soundclick.com in the category of general comedy and #65 in the main comedy category. I make music and only placed as high as #87 in that category. But I never would've thought I make it that high in the comedy category. When you get a chance, check out my soundclick page.

I did a comedy voice sketch called "Cornbread", inspired by the movie "LIFE". Give it a go, it's very funny. Plus, "Teezy Da Teacher" Episode 2: Nerd Want's Donuts is ready and will launch this Friday. Be ready to laugh ya asses off!

Episode 1 is available now, earlier now than expected. All voive acting and music, scripts, ect. was all done by me. Check em out.

The first episode of Tezzy Da Teacher is ready. A theme has been made and hopefully will be availabe tomorrow morning of afternoon. Keep posted.

Upon making my first monologue, I've made new ones and decided to start a series called "Teezy Da Teacher". Simply put, It's about a dude taking request by random people teaching them random life lessons and other random shit. Here's a first look at the episode guide:

Episode 1: Freestylin'
Episode 2: Nerd Want's Donuts(sex)
Episode 3: Tranny Issues
Episode 4: Weak Ass
Episode 5: Gay Counseling
Episode 6: Rage Quiting
Episode 7: Underdog
Episode 8: Lil' Sister Troubles

I don't know how many episodes I'll be making, but if all turns well, and if I get any other voice actors to help me out, I think we can make this a seasonal thing. First episode will hopefully be aired on Saturday May 7 12PM. Keep a watch out for it.